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Do it.

If you’re anything like I used to be, you spend lots of time researching and learning and thinking and dreaming and wanting and Youtubing and reading about the thing you want to accomplish. You’ve probably watched every video on Youtube about how to get up early. You’ve probably wished you were a morning person every time you see another morning person who’s already gotten most of their day out of the way when you’re just waking up. Or maybe you’ve read every study out there about the best way to gain muscle. You know all about macros and what split you should be doing at the gym, and you’ve bought all the workout clothes. But you don’t put in the actual work. Or now you’re here. Reading my words. Thinking about how you know you need to be disciplined to ever accomplish the things you want to accomplish. You’ve read similar blogs or watched motivational videos or listened to podcasts and you still find yourself where you were six months ago.

Starting may seem intimidating. Maybe you feel you don’t know everything you need to know yet. You feel there is still more research to be done. But this isn’t true. You know enough right now to take that first step. I know you do. Even if that first step isn’t quite perfect, taking that imperfect step and learning from it will get you much farther than continuing to do research for months and never actually taking that step. Do I know everything about running a blog, starting my own business, getting a website off the ground, and all the rest of that jazz? Nope. But here I am, doing it. And by doing it, I’ll learn way more than I ever would from just researching how to do it. You can’t be afraid to start, and you can’t be afraid of failure. Is it truly worse to try and fail than it is to never try at all? Nope. It’s not. If you try and fail, then you’ll still be ahead of where you would be if you had never tried at all. You’ve learned something from the experience and will be more likely to succeed the next time you try.

Flip the switch. This is your wake up call. Right here. Right now. Get it through your brain. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You can do all the reading and researching and wishing that you can fit into your day but if you never take action, you’ll never change your life. Stop. Stop reading. Stop researching. You know enough to get started, I promise. This is one of the key lessons I want to impart on you. Taking action is the most important part of discipline. In fact, getting your brain to shut up and actually doing the thing is discipline. Nike is on to something with their slogan. Or Shia Labeouf and that weird meme video from a few years ago. If you’re stuck in the habit of spending time thinking about what you’d like to do, but never actually doing it, use that old habit as the cue for a new habit. When you think about doing the thing you know you need to do, use mindfulness. Become aware that you are thinking about the thing you’d like to change. Then go do it. This awareness is now the thing that sparks action. And since I’ve made you aware that you’re thinking about whatever it is you want to change, I want you to get up from your laptop or put down your phone at the end of this sentence, and go DO IT.

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