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101 Reasons Why I Work Out

After some heavy-hitting recent posts, I wanted to keep today's post a little more lighthearted and fun. I decided to really dive into my Why when it comes to going to the gym with the hope of inspiring you to create your own Whys.

Without further ado, 101 reasons why I work out:

1. It makes me feel good 2. I like the way it makes me look 3. It gets me out of the house regularly 4. So I can eat more 5. So I eat healthier 6. So I don’t let my gym friends down 7. I want to crush a watermelon with my thighs 8. I want to be useful when the revolution comes 9. I want to look like I could kill a man with my bare hands 10. I own all of these workout clothes, and I might as well put them to good use 11. I’m paying for it 12. I’ll pay for it if I don’t 13. It makes me feel cool 14. It makes me feel strong and powerful 15. It makes me feel like an absolute badass 16. It improves my posture 17. Michelle Obama wants me to 18. It gives me more energy 19. Amy Landino wants me to 20. 🍑 21. It gives me an excuse to buy more workout gear 22. So I’m strong enough to kayak 23. So I’m strong enough to rock climb 24. So I’m strong enough to go for hikes 25. So I’ll still be mobile and independent when I’m older 26. Because my family has a history of heart disease 27. It gives me a chance to enjoy music, a podcast or an audiobook 28. So I can increase my flexibility 29. 😏😏😏 30. I’m addicted to seeing more tricep definition 31. Maybe one day I’ll have abs 32. To help maintain a healthy weight 33. It helps me sleep better 34. Running calms me down when I’m angry 35. Yoga centers me and connects me to my body 36. Weightlifting gives me confidence 37. It boosts my immune system 38. I like routines 39. It gives me something to look forward to before work 40. I’m an *Upholder 41. I like to push my limits 42. I want to see if I can 43. I look good in leggings 44. I want to continue to look good in leggings 45. Bradley Cooper’s doppelgänger is a regular at my gym 46. So I have the strength needed to throw 30 pound pots when I can finally get back into a ceramics studio 47. To piss off old white men who think women should be “dainty” 48. To keep my gym anxiety from coming back 49. I don’t want to be small 50. Because the people who exercise to get rid of period cramps are the ones surviving the apocalypse 51. I want to be ready for spur of the moment arm wrestling tournaments 52. Having vascular forearms fascinates me 53. I take pride in taking care of myself 54. It gives me an energy boost 55. It serves as a form of productive procrastination when I really don't want to work on more important things 56. My consistency inspires other people to work out and I like helping others improve their lives 57. The employees at the gym might judge me if I stop showing up (probably not... but... you never know.) 58. I expect my boyfriend to work out and I can't hold that expectation for someone else if I don't stick to it myself 59. Thick thighs save lives 60. I'm starting to see forearm definition, and I think it's cool 61. It makes me less anxious 62. It helps keep my emotions stable 63. Few things make me feel as great as a good cup of coffee followed by some loud music and a hard workout 64. It gives me a reason to explore the world of protein powder 65. I no longer feel guilty scrolling through fitness Insta because I've done my workout for the day 66. I can do some guilt-free Redditing between sets 67. I care deeply about my body and want to do everything I can to keep it in good condition. 68. It makes my doctor happy 69. So I can pick up and move heavy objects more easily 70. It serves as a reminder to drink more water 71. It's not a zero day if I've gone to the gym 72. It strengthens my self-discipline 73. It gives me an excuse to make and listen to some killer playlists 74. So I can hug tighter 75. I never know when strength or endurance could save my life 76. It's my me-time 77. I want to be able to do a pullup 78. I want to be able to do a pistol squat 79. Being out of breath from a tiny bit of movement is a terrible feeling 80. I don't want to contribute to America's growing obesity problem 81. Nothing compares to feeling comfortable in my body 82. Taking care of myself makes me more productive 83. Time will pass whether I'm using it or not 84. Starting my day with a good morning routine sets me up for a good rest of the day 85. It's one of my favorite forms of self-care 86. It's meditative 87. Learning about fitness is fascinating 88. It gives me something to talk about when I meet other fit people 89. My boyfriend (probably) wants me to 90. It prevents me from turning into a workaholic 91. Having multifaceted interests and hobbies is important to me 92. I like seeing the numbers in my workout notebook go up 93. I like staring at myself in the mirrors 94. Drinking protein shakes makes me feel cool 95. I like getting to jam out in the car on the way there and back 96. I like having big shoulders 97. Because I don't give up once I've committed to something 98. To improve my balance 99. It gets whatever is bothering me off of my mind 100. I've never regretted a workout 101. I want to find out what I'm capable of

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